How Much Does a New Conservatory Roof Cost?

Have you got a conservatory that is old or leaking? Is it too cold in the winter and too hot when the sun shines? Rather than abandon it, or have it knocked down, you can have a new roof fitted to it. A new roof will give your conservatory a new lease of life and provide you with some extra room in your home. It will also be cosy enough to use in the winter and should provide protection from the glare of the sun in the summer months.

Conservatory Roof Types

The cost of a new conservatory roof will very much depend on the size and the shape of the conservatory and whether you use glass or polycarbonate, or have a solid roof built instead.


Polycarbonate has a honeycomb design made up of very strong plastic sheets. It is durable and should last between 10 and 15 years. It is a cheaper option than glass, but there are some disadvantages. They are less efficient than glass when it comes to insulation, although you can add solar inserts, which help, but of course increase costs. The other disadvantage is the noise in the room when it rains. It can be very loud and for some people, this means not being able the conservatory very much at all during the winter.


A glass roof will give you better insulation and you can also add options such as self-cleaning and tinted glass. Glass is more expensive, but it also lasts longer than polycarbonate. There are a number of glass roof ranges, including, double and triple glazing. A glass roof should last around 25 years.

Solid Roof

Now that building regulations are more relaxed, many people are replacing their polycarbonate and glass roofs with a solid roof which offers a few different benefits. The cost of putting on a solid roof is more than polycarbonate or glass, but it should last at least 40 years, so it’s a good investment. You will need to check with your local authority before the roof is started, many conservatory companies will take care of the process for you, as part of your roof renewal package.

How Much Does a New Conservatory Roof Cost?

As has already been mentioned, the cost does depend on what you want and the size and shape of your conservatory. However, if you look at the following conservatory types, you’ll get an idea of the costs involved, so that you have a ball park figure to work from when you receive quotes.

Lean-To Conservatories are normally compact with a simple design and replacing the roof doesn’t usually present any complications. Costs start at around £2,000 up to £3,000 for polycarbonate and from £2,200 to £3,200 for glass.

A larger Victorian Conservatory roof should start at around £3,100 up to £7,000 for polycarbonate and from around £3,500 to £7,700 for a glass roof.

Georgian, Lantern, Doubled Hipped and Gable Fronted Conservatory roofs are usually more labour intensive and should start at around £3,200 up to £7,400 for polycarbonate and £3,400 to £9,000 for glass.

Solid roofs start at around £5,000 and can go beyond £12,000, depending on the size and the type of tiling you use. They normally come with a ten-year guarantee, but the tiles should last 40 or 50 years.