Tiled Vs Glass Conservatory Roofs

Tiled Vs Glass Conservatory Roofs

Conservatory is one of the areas that can give your home a new look and lift its value. However, the conservatory may be unusable if you get the choice of the roofing wrong. The main options to choose from when roofing your conservatory are; solid tiles, glass or plastic polycarbonate roofs each of which has its own benefits and shortcomings. It is therefore important to consider all the benefits and the disadvantages of each of these options to increase the usability and the aesthetic value for your conservatory. In modern homes, tiled and glass conservatory roofs are commonly used. Here are a number of benefits that comes with either option;

Benefits of Glass Conservatory Roofs

One way to improve your conservatory is to replace the roof with glass roof. Glass roofing comes with the following advantages;

Energy efficiency – Use of insulating glass roofs can reduce heating bills and create a conducive living space, therefore keeping it warmer during winters and cooler in hot summers. Glass roofing reflects most of the heat and infrared sun rays away from the glass thus keeping the conservatory cooler during hot weather. Apart from reflect heat and harmful sun rays, it helps retain warmth in the conservatory during cold seasons. This cuts down on cooling and heating energy costs.

Noise reduction – When it is raining, you may not even notice as glass roofing provides a quiet and a peaceful environment in the conservatory. Glass roofing has excellent sound absorption properties, which offers over 50 percent noise reduction.

Self-cleaning properties –The sun rays breaks the dirt on glass into tiny pieces, which are washed away easily by rain drops. When the rain drops hits the glass surface, they spread evenly and runs off easily draining the loosened dirt particles.

Benefits of Solid Tile Conservatory Roofs

Here are a number of benefits of replacing your conservatory roof with solid tile roofing;

Reduced energy bills – Solid tiles roofing will ensure that heat is not lost during cold season hence keeping your conservatory warm and comfortable. The tiles also offer shade during summer keeping it cool inside the conservatory. The solid tiles will reduce your heating and cooling to almost zero making them the ideal roofing for any season of the year.

Usable at all times of the year – Most of the conservatories are abandoned during winter months as the cold is unbearable. Solid tiles offers insulation that helps keeping the conservatory warm and also keeps it cool in warm weather by blocking the direct sunlight. This makes it usable all year round.

Design – Solid tile roofing comes in exciting designs and colors that give your conservatory a new look and feel. You can choose a design and color that matches with the rest of the home roofing or a different style that offers a complimentary contrast.

Durability – Tile roofing are durable and not easy to break. Most of the solid tile roof manufactures offers over 10 years guarantee after installation. Another advantage is that they are reusable.

Choosing the right roofing material for your conservatory will highly depend on your requirements and the location environmental condition of your home. You need to evaluate your heating bills during winter months and the cooling bills during summer months, and settle for the material that will offer you maximum advantage. The cost of each should also guide you in making the right choice.